Transmission ceremony for Guiding Teacher Ken Kessel, JDPSN

This past weekend, on April 1st, a transmission ceremony was held for our Guiding Teacher Ken Kessel, JDPSN, in recognition of a several decades-long commitment to teaching, practice, service, and immense compassion for all beings. After transmission, Ken Kessel received the name and title of Zen Master Jok Um. When asked for some words for our local sangha, he responded: Thank you to everyone for your commitment to practice. There is no transmission and nothing to transmit without Sangha, and when sangha prajna is strong, transmission occurs with everyone by itself. When you look at each other, see each other’s mind light first always, and wisdom will also come forward from your own true nature. When you practice together, allow yourself to trust the fullness of your own mind light; it’s already there, so trying to find it and trying to make it diffuses your energy. If you trust this as you trust your own breath and beating heart, then you have a good guide. Hope to see you again before too long. In the Dharma, Jok Um
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